Old Town Conservation Area: your views on the draft character appraisal

Closed 15 Dec 2016

Opened 21 Oct 2016

Feedback Updated 31 Aug 2017

We Asked

We asked for views on the proposed Draft Old Town Conservation Area Character Appraisal.

You Said

The majority of the feedback was supportive of the proposals. The wide variety of new developments selected for the case study of new development built within the life cycle of the existing Character Appraisal and the range of comments received about their individual architectural qualities  and how well they sat within their historic context provided a useful starting point for the review of the existing Character Appraisal. The questionnaire and additional comments received  help identify how well the existing Character Appraisal managed new development and where the new Draft Character Appraisal should be strengthened. 

We Did

The feedback to the scheme was used to evolve and improve the Character Appraisal. The Character Appraisal description of specific character areas within the Conservation Area was reviewed and strengthened in light of how it had changed since the approval of the existing appraisal. A specific section for assessing new development within the Character Appraisal was drafted to further strengthen the management of change within the area. 


The Old Town Conservation Area Character Appraisal is designed to help manage change in the area. The character appraisal provides the context within which planning decisions are made and how proposals may affect the area's special character.

The Draft Old Town Conservation Area Character Appraisal was informed by the previous consultation on recent developments in the area.

Why We Are Consulting

This survey below contains 5 short questions based on the Draft Old Town Conservation Area Character Appraisal.  You can download a summary document here.

The responses to the survey will be used to further inform the content of the revised Character Appraisal.



  • Natural neighbourhood area - Old Town


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