Proposal to redevelop at the former Powderhall Waste Transfer Station2

Closed 16 Jul 2018

Opened 5 Jul 2018


Powderhall Waste Transfer Station stopped full operation in 2016. On 23 March 2017, the Finance and Resources Committee approved the sale of the Depot to the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) for housing-led redevelopment. It is expected that demolitions and decontamination of the site will take up to 52 weeks (beginning Autumn 2018), depending on the level of work that is required to prepare the site for future use. In the meantime, a security alarm system (motion detection devices) has been installed to secure the site in interest of public safety.

The Council will be hosting a number of consultation events to allow the public, local interest groups and stakeholders express their ideas about the area and its redevelopment.

Why We Are Consulting

Early discussions with Planning have led to the decision to prepare a Place Brief for the area, in full consultation with local residents and stakeholders. These extensive and longer Consultations will follow the Scottish Government Place standard and are designed to form what is known as a Place brief which is non statutory guidance that should enable a broader and more informed final design of the redevelopment.

The Place Brief shall be based on Scottish Government Placemaking Policies and will consider the following opportunities for the Powderhall site;

Housing – provision of affordable and mixed tenure housing

Existing stable building – creation of a hub providing flexible workspaces and community space

Education -  opportunity to create a new nursery school nearby the existing on primary school

Green space – opportunity to enhance and improve green spaces

This programme of non-statutory consultation will continue from now through to September 2018, culminating in the preparation of a Place Brief that will set agreed uses and design parameters for the development. Additional statutory consultation will follow in 2019 as part of the formal planning process.

Give Us Your Views

Collective Architecture will host two community events:

'Tell us about Powderhall'

26th June between 2-6pm at McDonald Road Library (Nelson Hall) & 27th June 2018 between 3-7pm at Broughton primary School

Community events focused around a model to gather local ideas and opportunities surrounding the existing site.

’Public Consultation’, w/c 20th August 2018 – Venue to be confirmed

Architectural model and work-in progress will be available for public discussion. Public comments will be recorded and fed back to the design and client team.


Presenting the vision’, September 2018 – Venues to be confirmed

Presentation of proposed vision (using model and images) at public event to review and discuss.


Have your say

We are looking for consultation responses to inform the Place brief. Your feedback would be appreciated. The Place Brief Standard Tool and survey questionnaire can be printed and scanned. Otherwise they can be edited and saved (you will need a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to do this). Please send any completed questionnaires to



  • Natural neighbourhood area - Broughton Rd/Powderhall


  • Anyone from any background


  • All interests