CCWEL Crossing Proposals - Stanhope Street

Closed 9 Nov 2020

Opened 26 Oct 2020

Feedback updated 3 Dec 2020

We asked

We asked for views on crossing proposals in the vicinity of Stanhope Street and Hampton Terrace as part of the City Centre West to East Link (CCWEL) cycle infrastructure project.

The proposals are summarised below:

Option A- Pedestrian and segregated cycle crossing (Stanhope Street one way with motorists entering via Stanhope Street and exiting via Devon Place)

Option B – Pedestrian crossing only (maintain two-way access for traffic at Stanhope Street.  Cyclists need to dismount to access and use the crossing)                        

You said

There were 102 responses to this consultation.  Responses were predominately from local residents. There was one response from the local amenity association.

Details of preferences expressed are:

Option A             11%

Option B              89%

The majority of respondents favoured Option B.

Respondents expressed strong concern that closing Stanhope Street to two way traffic would put unnecessary traffic pressure on the only exit point at the east end of Devon Place which is already considered to be a difficult junction.  By moving traffic onto the neighbouring cobbled streets this would cause congestion, noise and disruption and impact on air quality. It was also considered that only a small number of cyclists would use the segregated cycle crossing.

Those in favour of option A commented that a segregated cycle crossing would provide a family friendly crossing and a significant improvement to safety.  Concerns were expressed that it would be awkward for cyclists having to dismount at a pedestrian crossing. 


We did

Following consideration of the preferences given and the comments arising from the consultation, we now propose to progress with Option B as the approved design to be taken forward.


The Council proposes to install a new crossing in the vicinity of Stanhope Street and Hampton Terrace (A8) as part of the City Centre West to East Link (CCWEL) cycle infrastructure project. A preliminary plan was previously developed and shared with the public . In response to feedback received, we have developed a second option and we wish now to obtain the views of local people on the proposals. 

Why your views matter

We would like to know which of the proposed plans for a crossing the community prefers.

PDF copies of the plans can be found below under the heading Related Documents.


What happens next

We will analyse the responses and provide an update on the outcome of the consultation on the consultation hub.  Your views will help to inform the final design of the crossing.


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