Draft Climate Ready Edinburgh Plan (New climate change adaptation plan for the city)

Closes 7 Apr 2024


In 2019, the City of Edinburgh Council declared a climate emergency and made a commitment to be net zero by 2030. This recognised both the scale of the challenge ahead of us and the ambitious role we must play as Scotland’s capital city. Since then, the Council has declared a nature emergency and made ambitious commitments to support the health and wellbeing of our city.

Our 2030 Edinburgh Climate Strategy sets out what it will take to meet these goals, including the actions, investments, and changes we need to make as a Council and as a society to truly become a net zero and nature positive city.

A key action of Edinburgh’s 2030 Climate Strategy was the development of a Climate Ready Edinburgh plan to help us prepare and adapt to a changing climate. While reducing our carbon emissions is crucial to the future of our city, we also need to recognise that a changing climate presents new risks to how we live both now and in the coming years. Put simply, we need to adapt for our city to thrive. 

This plan does not sit in isolation. It brings together key city strategies including:

The plan sets out short, medium and long-term actions, bringing together planned and ongoing actions across multiple strategies, new actions and a vision for a well-adapted city.

We need your views on the approach we are taking to adapt the city to these impacts. This will also help us increase our understanding of how climate change is currently impacting on all in the city and what further actions we need to take alleviate them, as well as empowering communities to take local action to adapt.