Edinburgh Poverty Commission - Phase Three Call For Evidence: Places

Closed 15 Dec 2019

Opened 16 Sep 2019


Throughout 2019 the Edinburgh Poverty Commission is working to define the steps the city needs to make to end poverty in Edinburgh.

The Commission is an independent group, made up of 12 people with experience of tackling poverty and its effects, including citizens who have direct experience of living in poverty in Edinburgh.

During the first two phases of our work we heard evidence on the themes of ‘Pockets’ and ‘Prospects’. In these phases we heard experiences and thoughts on the things that keep living costs high and incomes low for people in Edinburgh, and what we can do to improve the life chances of people in Edinburgh.

In the third phase of our work, we want to focus on ‘Places’, asking ‘what can we do to make sure people on low incomes live in well-designed, affordable, and sustainable places?’

For too many people poverty means not being able to afford a good home, not being to pay your rent or heat your home if you have one, not being able to afford transport to work, not being to access or afford basic services that everyone relies.  We know too that people in poverty live in all areas of the city, and that some of the most disadvantaged families in the city live side by side with some of Scotland’s most affluent communities.  These extremes of inequality are in many ways unique to Edinburgh and pose challenges that other cities do not face.

Why your views matter

To help us, we want to hear from individuals and organisations across the city who have experience of living with or supporting people facing these issues. 

So we are asking four questions:

  • What are the biggest challenges to securing and sustaining an affordable home in Edinburgh?
  • How does the cost and availability of transport in Edinburgh affect people’s ability to work, study or access essential services?
  • How does the fact of inequality between places in Edinburgh impact on the lives of people in low incomes?
  • What one thing would make the biggest difference to people in Edinburgh who are struggling with these issues?

You can submit your thoughts on these questions by using the link below or by contacting us, using the subject header ‘Edinburgh Poverty Commission’, at:


A paper copy is also available here and once completed can be sent to the following address:

Insight Unit, Level 2.1, Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, EH8 8BG

All submissions will be treated as confidential, with the evidence used to inform discussion and private sessions of the Edinburgh Poverty Commission.


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