Draft Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Closed 1 Jul 2019

Opened 15 Apr 2019

Feedback updated 6 Sep 2019

We asked

The consultation period for the Draft Strategic Plan was between 16 April and 12 July 2019. People and organisations could take part by filling in the online questionnaire, attending one of the drop-in sessions organised by the Partnership, or request that someone go along to established meetings to talk about the Draft Strategic Plan. In total around 450 people participated. We received 106 online responses and attended 27 groups and meetings.

We asked questions about:

  • our vision and values
  • home first
  • the Edinburgh Offer
  • the Three Conversations model
  • equality outcomes.

You said

Respondents were broadly in favour of the direction of travel proposed in the Draft Strategic Plan. Around 75% agreed with our vision and values, the principle of home first, the development of an Edinburgh Offer and the implementation of the Three Conversations model. However, people wanted to hear more about how it would be implemented. They felt that when developing the Edinburgh Offer especially, ongoing, transparent and easy to access engagement with all stakeholders was essential. People also wanted to see more detail about specific communities of interest such as learning disability, mental health and carers.

We did

  • The Draft Strategic Plan was fundamentally rewritten in light of the consultation feedback
  • It was restructured to better define four key elements – the Edinburgh Offer, 3 Conversations, Home First and Transformation
  • Environmental considerations were added to the strategic context
  • The list of tasks by each phase was refined
  • A communications and engagement approach was added
  • Additional information was inserted which covered:
    • Mental health – Thrive
    • Older people
    • Learning disabilities
    • Physical disabilities
    • Primary Care
    • Public health
    • Long term conditions
  • A market facilitation approach was added
  • The financial planning statement was updated
  • Detailed Transformation tables were refined
  • The Housing Contribution Statement was redrafted.

The plan was approved by the Integration Joint Board on 20 August 2019. Read the final plan.



The Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership Strategic Plan 2019 – 2022 sets out how health and social care services will evolve in Edinburgh over the next nine years in outline and the next three years in detail.  It applies to all adults in the City of Edinburgh who require health and social care or who are considered at risk.

We are keen to hear from you on this draft of the Strategic Plan, setting out the priorities we believe we need to pursue if we are to achieve our shared vision for a caring, healthier, safer Edinburgh. It explains our intention to embrace the Three Conversations Model at scale, as a strategic and cultural framework. It also explains our intention to better define and shape The Edinburgh Offer, which is what we as a partnership can offer to the citizens of Edinburgh through delivery of services.

You can download the full Draft Strategic Plan, plus an easy read version of the plan by clicking the links below. 

All the information you need to answer the survey questions are embedded above the questions on each page.

If you would like printed copies of the plan and the questions in the survey, please contact Rachel Howe - rachel.howe@edinburgh.gov.uk


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Adults and Older People
  • Carers
  • Disabilities
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Paying for Care
  • Poverty and Inequality
  • People with mental health issues
  • People with addictions
  • Offenders