Edinburgh Licensing Forum documents 2018

Closed 23 Nov 2018

Opened 10 Sep 2018


City of Edinburgh Licensing Forum (‘the Forum’) is a lay advisory body set up by the Council, as required by the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005. 

The Forum has a duty to oversee how the Licensing Board exercises its powers under the Act in respect of the sale of alcohol.

The Council has a legal duty to establish the Forum, to appoint the membership of the Forum and to provide support and assistance as required.

This consultation seeks views on a revised Constitution for the Forum and the recruitment process for Forum members..

Why your views matter

The constitution of the Forum was last reviewed in 2017. and Council agreed those changes in November 2017. Following feedback a further review of the Constitution and how Forum members are recruited is under way. 

Initial comments from current Forum members have already been incorporated into the draft documents attached (see 'Related ' below), and the Council now seeks comments from any interested parties.

It is hoped that finalised drafts incorporating responses to this consultation will be presented to full Council by November 2018.

Please make sure that you have read the four documents below before you respond to this consultation.

What happens next

Comments will be compiled and considered prior to finalised draft documents being presented to full Council.


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