Leith Links Activity Hub

Closed 21 Oct 2023

Opened 6 Sep 2023

Feedback updated 3 Nov 2023

We asked

We undertook a consultation to determine the level of support for a range of proposals to be included within the Activity Hub re-development of the disused bowling greens at Leith Links. This consultation also explored feedback and opinions towards transforming the pavilion into a café, toilet and community space. Prior to the survey on our consultation hub we delivered an activity hub consultation day at the bowling greens at Leith Links where we engaged a range of groups and local people and publicised the activity hub development. Some of these organisations and groups based in and around Leith included:

  • Community council
  • YMCA
  • Earth in Common
  • Primary and Secondary schools
  • Area Councillors
  • Local residents

This consultation progresses the original 2022 Leith Links masterplan which proposed the re-development of the bowling greens into an Activity Hub.

We held a public consultation on the proposed designs for the Activity Hub between 6 September 2023 and 21 October 2023.  

You said

  • Over 100 people attended our Activity Hub consultation day at the Leith Links bowling greens on 9 September 2023.
  • 1082 people responded to our consultation via the hub.
  • 92% of responses strongly agreed or agreed with transforming the vacant pavilion into a café with community space and toilets.
  • 51% of responses strongly agreed or agreed that the café should have multiple levels.
  • 84% of responses supported the proposed designs for the activity hub.
  • 90% of responses strongly agreed or agreed that the activity proposals suit a range of user groups of different ages, abilities and interests.
  • In addition to the skatepark which was already consulted on as part of the Leith Links Masterplan, the top 3 ranked activities for the hub were a pump track/bike trail, bouldering rocks and roller rink, respectively.
  • Significant themes from feedback stressed the importance of incorporating biodiversity elements, including social seating, managing noise and ensuring that the space can be used for adults as well as children.

We did

We would like to thank everyone who responded to the consultation.

We have already considered the comments and how to reflect them in the design. Where this is not possible, we will explore how other areas of the park can be adapted to accommodate some of these suggestions.

Our next step is updating the plans to take to Planning Committee early next year. After planning consent our focus will be on securing funding to take forward detailed designs and deliver the scheme. Further updates on this will be published on www.thrivinggreenspaces.scot


In summer 2022, we consulted on the masterplan for Leith Links. We received 789 responses about the masterplan with nearly 70% of people stating that they lived in Leith.  Overall, 90% of respondents thought that the proposals detailed in the Masterplan were positive. 

We are now at the stage of taking forward development plans as outlined within the masterplan. This includes redesigning the disused bowling greens into an Activity Hub and transforming the pavilion into a café, toilet and community space.

The masterplan consultation showed the vast majority were in favour of transforming part of the bowling green area into a skatepark which would also incorporate biodiversity enhancements.

To ensure development and designs suit a range of user groups, we welcome feedback, opinions and suggestions on all feasible proposals which would comprise this activity hub.

Once we have received feedback to determine which designs to take forward, we will secure funding to begin development. The basis of this timeline therefore depends on these funding opportunities.

Activity Hub proposals

We have worked with Landscape Architects who have identified a range of proposals suitable for the space. These include:

  • Streetscape style skatepark
  • Bouldering rocks
  • Parkour & street gym
  • Pump track/bike trail
  • Roller rink
  • Mixed-age playzone
  • Children’s water play
  • Petanque court
  • Basketball court
  • Bike safety learning course
  • Play area aimed at teenagers

Further information about the proposals for the activity hub. 


  • Natural neighbourhood area - Leith Links
  • Neigbourhood Partnership - Leith
  • Ward 13 - Leith


  • Anyone from any background


  • Parks and green spaces