Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Proposals for Communities

Closed 30 Apr 2022

Opened 1 Jan 2021

Feedback updated 15 Nov 2021

We asked

We have undertaken public engagement on the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods at key points in the projects' development:

Spring 2021 - scoping local context of traffic, access and place quality

Summer 2021 - Concept design 

Autumn 2021 - Corstorphine placemaking design

You said

All feedback reported to us is analysed and then collated into reports. Once completed, these reports are then made available via the 'Related' section below.

We did

All feedback provided is analysed and considered by the project team as we develop the projects. The consultation feedback and project development is reported back at key points to Transport and Environment Committee.


This page provides details of Council led public engagements currently being undertaken on the Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) projects in Edinburgh. It also provides links to the reports and documentation of public engagement previously undertaken on LTNs see the ‘Related’ section below. This includes the reports on the Autumn 2021 Corstorphine LTN placemaking engagment.

There are no public engagements currently being undertaken.

Why your views matter

By asking for public feedback, the Council aims to ensure that we understand and consider all the views about the schemes. We will use this feedback to help inform the development of the LTNs.


  • Natural neighbourhood area - Corstorphine
  • Natural neighbourhood area - East Craigs
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Leith


  • Anyone from any background


  • All interests