Women's Safety in Public Places

Closed 20 Sep 2022

Opened 27 Jun 2022

Results updated 25 Nov 2022

Between June and September 2022, we ran a public consultation and focus groups on the theme of Women’s Safety in Public Places. The consultation gathered 1,461 responses, 48 people also participated in focus groups, and we are grateful for all responses received.

This consultation is the start of much wider work required to make Edinburgh ‘safer by design’ for everyone, particularly women and girls and people with protected characteristics. The data gathered from the consultation was compiled into a report which was presented to the Policy and Sustainability Committee to very positive comments. You can read the report here or you can also watch the webcast here.

We are pleased that the recommendations from the report were accepted by elected members. The Women’s Safety in Public Places Community Improvement Partnership will continue to work hard to make sure that everyone can share public space through ongoing work with colleagues from a range of council divisions, Police Scotland and the third sector.


At its meeting on 30 November 2021 the Council’s Policy and Sustainability Committee approved a consultation into girls’ and women’s feelings about safety in public spaces in Edinburgh.

We recognise that many women and girls do not feel safe in public places and we are working to identify what makes particular areas and places feel safe or unsafe. We want to hear from all Edinburgh residents, particularly women and girls, who live, work and/or study in Edinburgh about your views on where you feel safe, unsafe, and what would help you to feel safe when out and about.

Why your views matter

As part of this consultation, this survey is being carried out alongside focus groups and feeds into a number of strategic priorities for Edinburgh.  Findings will be reported to the Edinburgh Community Safety Partnership to inform current city approaches and to make recommendations for improving women’s and girls’ safety in public places in future.

There is a lot of evidence that improving the safety of public spaces for women and girls, contributes to improving public safety for everyone. Therefore, all residents are likely to benefit from learning from this exercise.

We invite you to take part in the consultation by giving us your views in the survey below.  The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. 

We appreciate that some of the content of this consultation might be upsetting or triggering for some people. If you feel affected by any of the issues discussed, please consider contacting any of the organisations listed in this page for support.

You can respond in a different language using the links below.  If responding in a different language, please send the completed questionnaire by email to WSPPEdinburgh@edinburgh.gov.uk.

Reporting a crime

Please note that this platform is not for reporting crime. If you or someone else needs urgent police assistance, please dial 999 immediately.  If you want to report a crime and it is not an emergency, you can visit Police Scotland website or call Police Scotland on 101.


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  • Anyone from any background


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  • Community safety
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