Roseburn to Leith Walk cycle link and street improvements

Closed 1 Feb 2016

Opened 17 Nov 2015

Feedback expected 17 Jun 2016

Results updated 13 Jul 2016




We want to hear your views on our proposals for a new cycle route linking west to east across the city centre and on the associated street improvements. This project would transform the quality of access by bike, providing a high quality route with protected cycle lanes on main streets. It would also improve the street environment for other road users, especially pedestrians.

With over 45,000 trips by bike made in Edinburgh every day, cycling is an increasingly popular way to get around the city.

The Council wants to help even more people get around by bike as part of its strategy of encouraging healthy and sustainable travel. In order to do this it is working to create a city-wide network of ‘QuietRoutes’ using off-road paths, low-traffic streets and protected cycle lanes on busier roads. These routes will aim to provide a pleasant and welcoming environment for all users.

The proposed cycle route would link with similar planned facilities on Leith Walk and Leith St to the east. At Roseburn it would connect with the extensive network of off-road paths in north Edinburgh and to routes west to South Gyle and Edinburgh Park. It would run through the heart of the city, connecting to Haymarket Station, Queensferry Street, Lothian Road, George St and North Bridge.

So what are the proposed improvements?

They include:

  • Protected cycle lanes on main roads (e.g. West Coates)
  • Cyclist and pedestrian priority at side roads to reduce conflict with other traffic
  • New and modified crossings of main roads to help people travelling by bike or on foot cross conveniently and safely
  • Some ‘traffic calming’ and other measures to make the street environment more pleasant for walking and cycling on quieter streets (e.g. Roseburn Place, Governor Crescent);
  • Resurfacing of Randolph Place to make it more comfortable for cycling.

These improvements are being carefully integrated into major public realm works already underway and planned at St Andrew Square, Charlotte Square and George Street.

In developing the proposals we have already had some valuable input and feedback from Community Councils, cycling and pedestrian groups and transport operators. Now we are hoping to get views and contributions from as many people and organisations as possible.

Have your say

We very much want your feedback on the draft proposals. Please give us your views by completing the online survey by Monday 1 February 2016 or email us at

Details of our proposals

Further information regarding the proposals include;

Roseburn Terrace

Murrayfield Gardens

  • Access towards the new route via 2 way protected cycle track towards Murrayfield Avenue.

Murrayfield Avenue

  • Junction changes to improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, including removal of slip roads for traffic from Corstorphine Road.

Murrayfield Place

  • Localised pavement widening outside shops/ café.

Old Colt Bridge

  • Resurfacing and introduction of new cycle access towards Murrayfield Place.

Roseburn Place

  • Pavement build-out to improve access into Roseburn Park.
  • Closure of junction with Roseburn Gardens with cycle/pedestrian access only, to reduce ‘rat running’ traffic.
  • Other street improvements including planting

Roseburn Gardens

  • “Copenhagen style” junction that gives priority to people walking along Roseburn Terrace.

Roseburn Terrace

  • Removal of existing staggered crossing and replacement with a single stage ‘toucan’ cycle and pedestrian crossing.
  • 2-way protected cycle track (North side).
  • Refurbish existing junction with Roseburn Street with additional cycle & pedestrian crossing facilities.
  • Widening of south pavement to help create a more pleasant environment for pedestrians.


West Coates

West Coates

  • 2-way protected cycle track (North side).
  • Removal of existing staggered crossing at Devon Place and replacement with a single stage pedestrian crossing.
  • Removal of westbound bus lane and off peak parking with the introduction of 24hr waiting restrictions with double red lines
  • Relocation of existing bus stops along West Coates to minimise delays to buses.
  • Introduction of “Copenhagen style” junctions with priority for pedestrians and cyclists travelling along West Coates and vehicles giving way on exit and entrance:
    • Wester Coates Terrace
    • Wester Coates Road
    • Donaldson School development access/egress
    • Stanhope Street (pedestrian priority)
    • Balbirnie Place (pedestrian priority)
    • Devon Place (pedestrian priority)


Haymarket Terrace

Haymarket Terrace

  • 2-way protected cycle track (north side).
  • Removal of existing staggered crossing and replaced with a safer zebra crossing.
  • Relocation of and changes to existing bus stops to integrate with new cycleway.
  • Relocation of existing lead taxi rank to facilitate the installation of new cycleway
  • Introduction/Relocation of additional loading bays
  • Introduction of “Copenhagen style” junctions with cycle and pedestrian priority:
    • Magdala Crescent
    • Coates Gardens
    • Rosebery Crescent

Coates Gardens

  • Introduction of one way street with contraflow cycle facilities

Rosebery Crescent

  • Introduction of one way street with contraflow protected cycle track between Haymarket Terrace & Rosebery Crescent Lane


Palmerston Place area

Coates Gardens

  • Introduction of one way street with contraflow cycle facilities

Rosebery Crescent

  • Introduction of one way street with contraflow protected cycle track between Haymarket Terrace & Rosebery Crescent Lane

Grosvenor & Lansdowne Crescent

  • Improvements for pedestrians and cyclists
    • Introduction of raised crossings to garden, also reducing traffic speeds, and
    • Modifications to parking layout to reduce conflict between motor vehicles and cyclists.

Palmerston Place

  • 2-way protected cycle track (west side), from Grosvenor Crescent to Bishops Walk.
  • Junction improvements including new crossing of junction of Grovenor Crescent.
  • New signalled 'toucan' crossing to improve pedestrian and cyclist access to Bishops Walk.

Bishops Walk

  • Resurfacing of existing footpath and construction of new cycle track next to existing footpath.

Manor Place

  • Redesigned junction with Melville Street incorporating:
    • a crossing of Manor Place for cyclists (heading west) and pedestrians on the south side of the junction
    • Closure to motor vehicles of Manor Place to the north of the junction to provide a safe crossing for cyclists and pedestrians and to reduce through traffic.
  • 2-way protected cycle track (west side), from Melville Street to Bishops Walk.


Melville Street

Melville Street

  • 1-way protected cycle tracks between Manor Place and Queensferry Street.
  • Public Realm improvement scheme at the junction with Walker Street. This will be the subject of a future separate local consultation.
  • Better crossing opportunities protected from car parking and with pedestrian buildouts.


Walker Street to Rutland Square

Walker Street

  • Modifications to parking layout to increase parking capacity and introduction of a raised crossing at the junction with William Street.

Coates Crescent

  • Street improvements along Coates Crescent – with provision for Contraflow cycling along the 1 way street

Canning Street

  • Public realm improvements and provision for Contraflow cycling along the 1way street

Rutland Square

  • Introduction of contraflow cycle lane between Canning Street and Lothian Road.
  • Improved access to bridge over West Approach Road.


Queensferry Street to Charlotte Square

Queensferry Street

  • Refurbish existing junction with at Randolph Place with specific cycle crossing from Melville Street and Randolph Place.

Randolph Place

  • Resurfacing and Public Realm improvements, including raised crossing at West Register Lane

Charlotte Square

  • Public Realm improvements to Charlotte Square:
    • New wide pedestrian/cycle zone around the central gardens area to N, W and S with subtly delineated cycleway
    • 2 way protected cycle track on east side of square next to gardens
  • Pedestrian/cycle crossings to George Street & Rose Street.

Hope Street to Lothian Road

  • This link including a crossing of Shandwick Place/Princes St Quiet Street is under development and will be consulted on separately.


St Andrews Square to York Place

George Street

  • Proposals for George St will be brought to a meeting of the Transport and Environment Committee in early 2016.
  • These will provide a safe environment for cycling in keeping with the rest of the proposals presented here.

St Andrews Square

  • Major public realm and pedestrian improvements.
  • New crossings from George St to new 2 way protected cycleway on gardens side of N/S St David St and through Square
  • 2 way protected cycleway link to N St Andrew St to permit access to parking for Multrees Walk and towards Register Lanes

North St David Street

  • 2-way protected cycle track (eastside) between St Andrews Square and York Place.
  • Realignment of existing footway and diversion of protected cycle track around bus stops (bus stop bypasses).

York Place

  • 2-way protected cycle track (southside) between North St David Street and Picardy Place junction.
  • Removal of westbound bus stop at east end of York Place (probable relocation to Picardy Place)
  • Parallel pedestrian cycle crossings at the junctions with North St Andrew Street & Elder Street.


St Andrews Square to Princes Street

South St David Street

  • 2-way protected cycle track (eastside) between St Andrews Square and York Place.
  • Realignment of existing footway and diversion of protected cycle track around bus stops (bus stop bypasses).

Princes Street

  • 2-way protected cycle track on N side of Princes Street from N St David St to Waterloo Place with crossings of side streets
  • High quality surfacing with subtle delineation of cyclists and pedestrians
  • Large pedestrian areas for bus stops

Waterloo Place

  • New cycle facilities to enable cycle access to the new protected cycle track on Princes Street.



What happens next

A summary of the consultation results will be published on this page in January 2016. The feedback received will be analysed and considered by the project team and used to decide on changes made to the preferred design.

Where possible, we will try to incorporate people’s suggestions however where this is not possible reasons will be provided.

A summary of the results for everyone who took part will be produced and will say how suggestions made by the public have been used.

We will return to the Transport & Environment Committee for approval to commence with the final detailed design of the scheme and the legal processes necessary to implement the changes.

This will then give any interested parties the right to formally object or express other views.



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