Speed Limits Review: 20mph and Rural Roads

Closes 8 Feb 2023

Opened 16 Nov 2022


We are seeking your views on proposals to extend 20mph speed limits in Edinburgh and on introducing lower speed limits on our rural roads. The rural roads are mostly west of the city between Balerno and Queensferry.

Edinburgh’s streets and rural roads are shared by many people and types of vehicle. We want to make our streets and rural roads safer and more pleasant for all, especially the most vulnerable users; those on foot, on bikes or, particularly on rural lanes, on horseback. Higher traffic speeds can put people off walking and cycling, and accidents tend to be worse at higher speeds.

Lower speed limits support the aims of the City Mobility Plan by improving the way residents and visitors can move about and enjoy the city. The proposals fit with wider Council policies around Active Travel, the Vision Zero approach to road safety and achieving our ambition to be net zero by 2030.

View the proposals

Extending 20mph speed limits in Edinburgh (map format)

Introducing lower speed limits on rural roads (map format)

You can give us feedback on any of the proposals by completing the relevant survey below.

Why your views matter

We will use the findings from this consultation to help us understand how people living, working and travelling through Edinburgh view the revised speed limit proposals.  

If you would like support to complete the survey online, please email 20mph@edinburgh.gov.uk or call 0800 0029 064 with a name and phone number to request a call back. Paper copies are also available on request.



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