2030 Climate Strategy - Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment

Closed 11 Oct 2022

Opened 31 Aug 2022


The 2030 Climate Strategy was drafted in response to the City of Edinburgh Council declaring a climate emergency in 2019 and setting an ambition for both the Council and the city to become net zero by 2030.

For Edinburgh to deliver the 2030 net zero target system-wide change is required across the city. The Council has worked with key city partners to put together actions that can be implemented now, using tested approaches and lessons learned from experiences in other cities.

Scottish Local Authorities are required to conduct Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) on strategies and plans to assess their impact on the environment, and then to consult on those.


Strategic Environmental Assessment - and links to the appendices of this report are included at the bottom of this page

2030 Climate Strategy

Why your views matter

The 2030 Climate Strategy was extensively consulted on with residents and stakeholders in 2021. The SEA has identified no negative impacts as a result of strategy. The Council is actively seeking the views of engaged community and other stakeholder organisations who may wish to further refine the strategy, and who are broadly familiar with the 2030 Climate Strategy, and wish to guage support for the Strategy after its first year.


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