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  • Reimagining Melville Crescent

    We are seeking your views on proposals to improve Melville Crescent to make it a more pleasant environment for local residents, staff and people passing through by foot and bike. Following workshops with formal stakeholders and a Public Exhibition on Saturday 7 October, this consultation... More
    Closes in 4 days
  • Carers' Act Critera

    Unpaid carers are the largest group of providers of care in Scotland. They should be recognised as equal partners in providing vital care and support. Carers should be supported and not be worse off by caring. Carers, and the people they support, must be at the centre of care planning. They... More
    Closes in 4 days
  • Restalrig Proposed Conservation Area Designation

    The Council is responsible for the conservation and management of built heritage in the City including the designation of conservation areas as areas of special architectural or historic interest. In recognition of Restalrig’s historic and architectural interest, we are proposing its ... More
    Closes in 1 week
  • 2018/19 Housing Budget Consultation

    Over the last two years, our tenants said they want us to build more homes, improve the quality of existing homes and invest in services that help them to reduce costs. We listened to your feedback and now have a five year plan that aims to reduce your living costs and build 8,000 new homes... More
    Closes in 2 weeks
  • Calton Hill Draft Management Plan

    The draft Management Plan was commissioned by Edinburgh World Heritage on behalf of the Calton Hill Management Steering Group to direct the future management and maintenance of the public park and the buildings and features within it. The plan assesses the current condition and management... More
    Closes in 3 weeks
  • School session dates 2019/20 and beyond

    This survey aims to find out what parents/carers, pupils and staff think about the timing of school holidays and how the school year should look. The responses will help to shape future school years. More
    Closes in 3 weeks
  • Plana Gàidhlig 2018-22 / Gaelic Language Plan 2018-22

    Bu mhath leinn ur beachdan is molaidhean fhaighinn airson an dàrna eagrain de Phlana Gàidhlig na Comhairle. We would like to hear your comments and suggestions on the second edition of the Council's Gaelic Language Plan . More
    Closes in 2 months
  • Traffic Order Proposals

    Traffic Orders help manage traffic flow, speed limits and where you can park. You can view our current order proposals below. If you would like to comment on, or object to, an order please contact us by email or by post, using the following address: Traffic orders 249 High Street ... More
    Closes in 3 years
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