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  • Equality Outcomes 2021-2025

    The Equality Act 2010  requires all public bodies (such as councils and the health service) to publish equality outcomes at least every four years. Equality outcomes aim to achieve specific and identifiable improvements in people’s life chances, eliminate discrimination and... More
    Closed 22 December 2020
  • Brunstane Road and Coillesdene Area Traffic Calming

    Residents on Brunstane Road, between Milton Road East and the railway bridge, have experienced long-standing traffic problems. Council officers have reviewed the resident concerns and have developed a solution to alleviate these problems. This is proposed through the trial implementation... More
    Closed 13 December 2020
  • Gaelic Medium Education in Edinburgh

    We aim to build a dedicated secondary school for Gaelic Medium Education in Edinburgh. The City of Edinburgh Council is committed to the expansion of high-quality secondary Gaelic Medium Education (GME) in an immersive environment. As Scotland’s capital city, we have a special... More
    Closed 11 December 2020
  • 2021-24 Council Budget Engagement

    Covid-19 has changed all our lives – immensely, and abruptly. The past few months have been incredibly tough for us all, and there continues to be great uncertainty about what will happen next. The pandemic’s impact has also shone a light on the health of our people and... More
    Closed 10 December 2020
  • Access and camping in the Pentland Hills Regional Park

    The Pentland Hills Regional Park (PHRP) covers a large area of land south of Edinburgh, with landowners including farmers, local authorities and sport-shooting interests. You can find out more about the Regional Park by visiting . Over recent months and... More
    Closed 4 December 2020
  • CCWEL Crossing Proposals - Stanhope Street

    The Council proposes to install a new crossing in the vicinity of Stanhope Street and Hampton Terrace (A8) as part of the City Centre West to East Link (CCWEL) cycle infrastructure project. A preliminary plan was previously developed and shared with the public . In response to feedback received,... More
    Closed 9 November 2020
  • Granton Waterfront - Western Villages

    The Council owns around 120 acres of developable land within the Granton Waterfront area, creating a unique opportunity to work with key partners and the local residents to deliver an exemplar regeneration. Previous failed attempts to develop Granton highlight the importance of a joined up... More
    Closed 8 November 2020
  • Community Payback Consultation 2020

    We want to hear your views on Community Payback Orders (CPO). These are given out by the Court to people to pay for their crimes as an alternative to a prison sentence. In particular, we want to know what you think about the unpaid work part of a CPO, which replaced community service in... More
    Closed 31 August 2020
  • Edinburgh Pact

    The Edinburgh Pact What is the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership? We’re responsible for delivering community and bed-based health and social care services for adults in Edinburgh. The Partnership is made up of people employed by both the City of Edinburgh... More
    Closed 12 August 2020
  • Review of polling districts and polling places

    The City of Edinburgh Council Election Team have conducted a review of the polling districts and polling places in the City, in accordance with The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013. We have a duty to split the city into polling districts, with a polling place allocated to... More
    Closed 10 August 2020
  • Traffic Order Proposals

    Traffic Orders help manage traffic flow, speed limits and where you can park. You can view our current order proposals below. If you would like to comment on, or object to, an order please contact us by email or by post, using the following address: Traffic orders 249 High Street ... More
    Closed 30 June 2020
  • Warrender Park Road footway enhancement

    PLEASE NOTE THE CLOSING DATE HAS BEEN EXTENDED DUE TO THE EVOLVING CIRCUMSTANCES OF CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) The Council proposes to enhance the footway in Warrender Park Road outside James Gillespie's Primary School to improve pedestrian mobility and safety. More
    Closed 17 June 2020
  • Clermiston Primary School - Road Safety Improvements

    Please note the consultation deadline has been extended due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The Council proposes to install the following improvements: Parkgrove Street a raised crossing point improved traffic calming and road markings various other... More
    Closed 17 June 2020
  • Duddingston Road Safety Improvements

    Please note the consultation deadline has been extended due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The Council proposes to alter road markings and parking restrictions as well as upgrade traffic calming features on Duddingston Road. There is also a proposal to make Stanley Street a no through... More
    Closed 17 June 2020
  • Leith Walk / Halmyre Street Draft Place Brief Consultation

    About Leith Walk / Halmyre Street Site The site is an area of partially vacant land and buildings to the east of Leith Walk linking through to Halmyre Street and Manderston Street. The area has three main landowners and there are aspirations for the... More
    Closed 1 June 2020
  • Edinburgh Talks Climate Citizen Survey

    Give us your views: online survey Last year, a landmark report by the United Nations warned that, unless urgent action is taken, the opportunity to avoid the worst effects of climate change will be missed. The Climate Change Plan Scotland 2018 set out the... More
    Closed 31 May 2020
  • City Mobility Plan

    Across the world, progressive cities are embracing the global challenges of climate change and inequality with action and vision. To meet our ambition to be carbon neutral, we need re-think the way we move people and goods in and around Edinburgh. We need clean, safe, efficient,... More
    Closed 7 May 2020
  • Little France Park Management Plan

    Little France Park (LFP) is the city’s newest park reclaiming unmanaged grassland for the local community and carving out a green corridor from the city centre to Midlothian. It is a new corridor for wildlife whilst offering a network of paths, cycleways all spread across 45 hectares. ... More
    Closed 1 May 2020
  • Choices for City Plan 2030

    The City of Edinburgh Council is reviewing its Local Development Plan. A Local Development Plan sets out locations for new homes and businesses, protect places of value, and ensure essentials for a good quality of life are in place - such as public transport, schools and green space. ... More
    Closed 30 April 2020
  • Draft Revised Colinton Conservation Area Character Appraisal

    The Council is responsible for the conservation and management of built heritage in the city including the designation of conservation areas as areas of special architectural or historic interest. The Colinton Conservation Area was originally designated in October 1977. A... More
    Closed 31 March 2020
  • New Allotment Regulation

    The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 (the “2015 Act”) came into force on 17 June 2015. The 2015 Act requires that each local authority has published allotment regulations pertaining to the cultivation, maintenance and inspection of allotments and that public consultation takes place... More
    Closed 27 March 2020
  • Water of Leith Management Plan 2020-2030

    The Water of Leith, Edinburgh’s river, is a beautiful, dynamic and much loved part of our city. With hundreds of stakeholders, landowners and user groups, a management plan is needed to provide direction over the future management of the river, especially in the context of a changing climate... More
    Closed 26 March 2020
  • Kirk Brae Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

    The Council proposes to install a footpath build out on Kirk Brae, north of Orchardhead Road to improve pedestrian mobility and safety. In 2017, the Council consulted on the removal of the existing traffic island outside No.52 Kirk Brae to address road safety concerns that had been... More
    Closed 13 March 2020
  • Proposal to redevelop at the former Powderhall Waste Transfer Station

    A Proposal of Application Notice ( Reference 19/04682/PAN ) was lodged on the 4th October 2019 to carry out statutory public consultations following the approval of the Place Brief. The Council held the first consultation PAN event to help develop proposals for the site on the 23rd and 24th... More
    Closed 11 March 2020
  • Craigroyston Primary School Parent Travel Survey 2019

    Craigroyston Primary School would like to know what you think about your school journey. This survey will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. We ask that each family complete only one survey. Your responses will be kept confidential and neither your name nor your child’s name will be... More
    Closed 8 March 2020
  • Granton Waterfront

    The Council owns around 120 acres of developable land within the Granton Waterfront area, creating a unique opportunity to work in collaboration with key partners and the community to deliver exemplar regeneration. Previous failed attempts to develop Granton highlight the... More
    Closed 6 March 2020
  • Taxi stance - St Andrew Square (2)

    The City of Edinburgh Council, as a Licensing Authority, is required to appoint taxi stances in line with the provisions of S.19 (1) of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (‘the 1982 Act’). More
    Closed 4 March 2020
  • Taxi Fare Review 2020

    The City of Edinburgh Council reviews taxi fares every 18 months and must consult on any proposals to change the taxi fare tariff. The suggested new taxi tariff includes the following changes: an increase of 40p on the initial charge (all tariffs) an additional... More
    Closed 27 February 2020
  • Proposed extension to the New Town Conservation Area

    Following a recent review of the boundaries of the New Town and Dean Conservation Areas, it has been noted that Belgrave Mews, including the small run of properties to its outer-edge that front onto Dean Bank, is not included within the boundaries of either conservation areas. ... More
    Closed 24 February 2020
  • EIJB Citizen Rep Recruitment

    Have you had experience of using health or social care services, we would like your involvement? We are looking to recruit two citizen representatives for the Edinburgh Integration Joint Board (EIJB) The EIJB was established on 1 April 2016 and is responsible for the... More
    Closed 21 February 2020
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